I turned sixty in May, 2019. I started this blog while in my mid-fifties when I felt that I had entered a new phase in my life that had me pondering life and how I ended up being who I am. While I have been many places and held many jobs, it is the connections with many, many people over the years that have shaped my values. My family, from birth on through the births of my own two children have been a huge part of my life. I am grateful for that. I have had many different careers since beginning work in my teens at a family owned business. I was a life guard, worked in restaurants, had my own calligraphy business, taught high school, middle school and elementary school, was a consultant for early childhood programs, owned a Jazzercise franchise, founded and directed a Children’s Musuem, was an administrator in a charter elementary school, and currently have the job title of Instructional Facilitator at a public elementary school (“teacher of teachers” as my former principal said). These were my paying jobs, but I have a list just as long of volunteer positions on boards, church committees, advocacy and school committees. So many life lessons have been put in my path for over forty years and I am grateful for almost all of them. I am feeling the need to write down as much as I can to sort through my thoughts, honor people in my life, and maybe even figure out what I have learned.

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